The ABC’s of Heckfest

It’s hard to find a niche to blog about when you are so many things. Here are just 26 things I could probably dedicate a blog to. This is Tyf: the girl behind the Heckfest

A – Asexual

B – Bipolar

C – Cynic

D – Dutch Speaker


F – Feminist

G – Graduate

H – Human (shocker!)

I – Inked

J – Joker

K – Kittens 5ever

L – Lyricist

M – Mormon Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

N – Nephews and Nieces

O – Orch dork

P – Pioneer Descendant

Q – Quotes

R – Rants

S – Stargazer

T – Traveler

U – Ukulele enthusiast

V – Validation

W – Woman (woot)

X – Xenophile

Y – Yikes

Z – Zuster (previously)

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