How To Write Marketing Content Copy

The following is a mock-doc of the type of marketing writing that I write every day. It has been formatted to fit… my job’s format for these types of things. 

How to Write Marketing Content Copy

This is the format for our marketing content! We usually do just 4 paragraphs of about 70-100 words and this is the intro paragraph. We have basically nothing to go off because some clients believe that they don’t “have the time” to give us the information and expect whatever’s on their current site to be sufficient. Spoiler alert: their websites are trash! So we make some fluff sound pretty good and then stuff in a few keywords and some geo modifiers and the marketing content sounds a little weird but nobody cares because the keywords and geo modifiers are there!

This is an H2 and We Use 3 of Them

So this job is in Denver, Colorado and yes, we have to say the full Denver, Colorado when writing marketing content because the geotag is important. I know there must be other cities named Denver that aren’t in Colorado, but none of them are major cities, and therefore, I think including the state is silly. But nevertheless, if a city has a population of over 100,000 (which Denver, Colorado does), then we must mention it 12 times on each web page. And let me tell you, there aren’t a lot of creative ways to casually mention Denver, Colorado in marketing content!

These H2s Can’t Be Longer Than 60 Characters!!

Have fun counting that out when you want to put both a keyword AND a geo modifier (Denver, Colorado) in an H2. It’s not fun, but it is often the best way to knock out the necessary use of both modifiers. Sometimes if the client’s website is bad, you use another website to actually learn a little about the services you’re supposed to be offering. Don’t plagiarize, though. Not in this good-natured, Denver, Colorado-based company. Also, every page you write must be at least 50% different from any other page you write, so that’s, just, the best part.

There’s a Website to Help With Your Capitalization

If you paste a title into the bar on, it will count the characters and capitalize the words that need it! You will probably only need to use it with the first assignment because the rules of capitalization are pretty straightforward in Denver, Colorado. However, you are welcome to do your job in Denver, Colorado however you’d like to. Around this time, you realize you’re only at 60 characters and need at least 10 more, so you just say “our professionals are so rad you won’t be sad” or some garbage and woot, you made the word count.

What?! A Fourth H2?! Don’t Worry This Is Standard

I said we only write 4 paragraphs and 3 H2s but here’s a fifth paragraph?! This is called the CTA (call to action) and it’s literally the same on every page. So somebody is assigned to write it and then we copy it at the end of every page. Hopefully, it has a couple mentions of Denver, Colorado so we don’t have to stuff it too much into our other copy. If we do, though… rip. Such is the life of a marketing content writer in Denver, Colorado. Shoot, I need one more: Denver, Colorado.


aaaaand scene.

This format ^^ is what I write every single day. And in honor of working here two whole months now, I just wanted to share our secrets. Also, I kinda wanna make this standard training material because it’s more training than I was given and it’s entertaining, no?

There’s no place for my wit in this business and it’s very sad. So this is my outlet when we’re between projects and I don’t have anything to do. I could also watch the videos that my deskmate, Chris, sends me, but they’re really weird and probably best left unwatched.

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