Week 16 SNEW Update

Since I made the goal at the beginning of the year to do something I’ve never done/go somewhere I’ve never been every week, I have done some really incredible things. This is probably definitely the most exciting “resolution” I’ve ever made, and… I think I want to implement it in my whole life, not just 2019.

Something I’ve noticed is that often, I’ll just do something new without actually trying to. However, when I seek out new things and places, I end up doing way cooler things. Also, this arrangement often encourages me to do the thing I want to do instead of just thinking about it. And I have thought about doing a lot of cool things, so we are moving in a positive direction.

So because I have not been documenting every single week, here is a recap:

Week “one”: Technically I decided not to count this one because it wasn’t a full week and it’s my challenge so I make the rules (:

Week 2: Gamble!


Week 3: Go to my local library


Week 4: Met up with someone I met on the internet.


Week 5: Change my own headlight (or at least learn how, because technically, my dad did most of the work)


Week 6: Audition for America’s Got Talent!


Week 7: My first highbrow film! It was an Indie film and it was in Polish and French, so I enjoyed the subtitles. I felt a little more like An Intellectual afterward. I genuinely wish my interests were that sophisticated, but alas, I am a twit who spends too much time twittering.

Week 8: Voodoo doughnuts! My mom went and got a dozen on $1 per doughnut day and then ate half of each one and saved the other half of each one for me. Luv her. Also, I finally watched Jumanji for the first time, so I’m glad I did that.

Week 9: Publish all my mental issues on the internet where everybody can see them. Yay for oversharing!


Week 10: I thought that going to see Captain Marvel at the Alamo would be a big deal, but it’s just another movie theater and it wasn’t that exciting. The movie definitely was, but I am not as in love with that theater as everyone else seems to be. I mean… yeah, you can order food, but it’s expensive food, and my ticket was $5 more than a normal theater and the seats DON’T EVEN recline. Would not recommend.

Week 11: Go To Nashville!

Week 12: Songwriting Retreat in Nashville (what a dream)


Week 13: Can you believe that I had never been to Steak ‘n’ Shake before this year? Absolutely reprehensible. The only reason we went was because of the coupons that come in the mail… turns out it was only really $.50 off, but I still think that’s a deal. Then I thought it would be nice to call the number on the receipt to give a good review of the service (because nobody calls and gives good reviews anymore), and it was the most awkward phone conversation I think I’ve ever had.

Also, I got a hydromassage at planet fitness thanks to my mother’s black card privileges. It was fantastic. Big fan

Week 14: Ok this week I had to reach because I didn’t really have anything exciting that I did. I read a new book (the Thunderhead, ugh huge fan of that series), played a new card game I had never played (exploding kittens, anyone?) and I joined someone’s livestream on Instragram which was… odd.

Week 15: I THREW AN AXE. I didn’t do it very well, and I honestly only did it for the bragging rights. Which aren’t even that impressive. Ah, well.

Week 16: I went to the River Delta North Art District in Denver and took pictures with all the murals and street art. And then I tried Ethiopian food. And it was incredible. 10/10, would recommend.

And that is the update so far! I have compiled a spreadsheet of all the places I need to go and things I need to do and I hate doing things alone so come join me (: It’s been pretty cool so far but I am just getting started.


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