The Best Mom In The World

Today is the day for social media posts, all of which say “to the best mom in the world” or “I have the best mom ever!”

And I don’t know how to say this, but…

They’re probably all wrong? Because Yeah, my mom

is actually not the best mom in the world either. She’s actually kind of insane.

My mom has a lot of faults.

She says “chick filla” instead of “Chick-Fil-A” (UN IRONICALLY)and she pronounces “kindergarten” like “kidney-Garden” which is pretty weird.

She puts ketchup on like, everything, including her macaroni and cheese and fettuccini Alfredo. Gross?

She will tell the same story over and over and over again and still forget that she told me that story. So guess who’s heard the same stories 17x?

She will laugh at a joke that’s not funny for like, years, but doesn’t get actual funny jokes.

She once asked me who David A. Bednar was. (It was a month ago.) in the same conversation, she called our prophet “that Nelson guy.”

She’s actually a terrible driver like omg God obviously knows I need her alive bc she should have died in a crash a long time ago.

But even though she psycho, my mom has taught me a lot of things like

  • If there’s a Walmart, that means it’s a happenin town
  • Men are dogs
  • C’s get degrees
  • A turtle dove is not actually a picture of a turtle with a bunch of dove chocolates taped to it
  • Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and caffeine is the holy trinity of headache relief

My mom shows her love in really weird ways. While other people in my mission were getting care packages full of chocolates and heart shaped whatever’s, I was getting packages of bugs spray and mosquito nests (I was in the Netherlands so..???) (don’t worry, she also did a really sweet 12 days of Christmas thing for me so it was good)

But the point is–my mom is so weird. And sometimes, I’ll have a moment when I’ll do something weird, like randomly start talking out loud to the conversation I was having with myself in my head, and I’ll be like “shoot I’m becoming my mother.”

But like, is that really so bad?

My mom isn’t perfect. But neither is yours! (Sorry dudes)

My family life was crazy growing up. Divorce, death, lots of daycare/being babysat while mom went back to school/dad worked, lots of counseling. But I’m confident that she did the best job she could, and I know she probably feels like her best sometimes wasn’t good enough.

I used to think that when I became a mom, I would want to protect my kids from everything bad in life. But I’m glad my mom didn’t shield me from it. I’m 10x the person I would have otherwise been.

She gave me my life, she gave me the gospel, and she gave me an example of diligence. She gave me the ability to look into the eyes of despair and hopelessness and still choose hope. I am fortunate to be like her.

And something I wish we could do as a society is stop judging other mothers?? It’s wild to me that people can know how hard it is and still have the indecency to pass judgement on how someone else handles it. They’re RAISING a HUMAN. HUMANS ARE (sometimes) THE WORST. They’re probably doing the best they can, and they probably feel like it isn’t good enough. They probably know their own shortcomings better than you do. It’s ok to be honest and see the imperfection in people. But please, please realize that it’s the imperfections that make a person beautiful.

My mother gave me my strength. She probably also gave me a lot of her issues. But it’s worth it if it meant that I could be raised by a warrior such as she.

She probs isn’t gonna like that I wrote this, because now everyone knows she isn’t perfect (gasp), but if they are still judging after what I wrote then they can fight me.

I love you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

(Also happy Mother’s Day to my two sisters who do so much for their kiddos and still probs get mercilessly judged. I think they’re amazing and I love their kids more than anything)

Now here is a collection of my favorite motherhood memes.

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